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Criminal charges threaten your freedom, your family, your finances, your home, and your future. Whatever the offense, you need an attorney who understands what is at stake. An attorney who cares. An attorney who will fight for you.

The Lake Charles law firm of Catherine L. Stagg, Attorney at Law, L.L.C., provides skilled criminal defense in southwest Louisiana. Catherine Stagg will sit down with you to answer your questions, assess the facts of your case and determine where you stand. She will do everything in her power to achieve the most favorable outcome.

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Lake Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer · Calcasieu Parish Drug Crime Lawyer

Catherine Stagg has 35 years of experience fighting for clients in local, state and federal courts. She proves a smart and aggressive defense for all criminal offenses, from traffic misdemeanors to major felonies: Criminal Defense

Our firm represents the accused at all stages of the criminal justice process, including bond hearings and arraignment, motions and hearings, plea negotiations and trial. We also represent clients in post-conviction appeals, probation violation hearings and petitions for record expungement.

Committed to Your Best Interests

We strive for a quick and cost-effective solution, but we will not simply walk you to court to plead guilty. Catherine Stagg will explore negotiations and argue mitigating factors at sentencing, but only after exhausting your defenses. She is prepared to go to trial if the consequences of a conviction or plea deal are too harsh.

Criminal charges are scary and intimidating, but we will get you through this and protect you every step of the way. For experienced criminal defense at affordable prices, contact us today.