Lake Charles Drug Charges Lawyer

Drug Crime Defense in Southwest Louisiana

No one is safe from the government's war on drugs. From high-tech surveillance tools to old-fashioned informants and undercover agents, law enforcement is always gathering evidence for the next bust.

If you were arrested for drug possession or other drug charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer who can challenge the prosecution's facts to fight a conviction or minimize the penalties. Catherine L. Stagg, Attorney at Law, L.L.C., provides the sophisticated representation you need.

Our Lake Charles law firm represents the accused in Calcasieu Parish and surrounding jurisdictions of southwest Louisiana. Call or TEXT us immediately at 337-497-0640 or e-mail us to arrange a time to discuss your situation.

Calcasieu Parish Drug Defense Attorney

In 35 years of practicing law, criminal defense lawyer Catherine Stagg has handled a wide range of drug charges: Drug Charges

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of meth, crack, cocaine and other controlled substances
  • Illegal possession of prescription narcotics
  • Possession with intent or actual distribution
  • Transporting drugs (Interstate drug stops on I-10)
  • Growing or manufacturing drugs

Even if you were caught with drugs, the government's case is not open-and-shut. Catherine Stagg challenges the investigation, the arrest and the evidence in exploring your defenses. She tries to obtain the district attorney's records and get the officer(s) on the stand. She files motions to dismiss evidence obtained through improper interrogation, searches or warrants. She works to get bond reductions and aggressively challenges seizures and forfeitures.

Lake Charles Drug Charges Attorney

If there is a viable defense, we are prepared to go all the way to trial to avoid prison and a conviction. If the prosecution has a solid case, we will fight to get the best possible deal under the circumstances, including diversion through drug treatment court.

Drug crimes are punished harshly. For aggressive but affordable criminal defense in state or federal court, Call or TEXT us at 337-497-0640 or contact us online.